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Digital Transformation Trends for 2019 to Take Note Of

Making the digital transformation needs to be a priority for your business, especially considering that most organizations anticipate that nearly half of their revenue will come from digital by 2020. However, fully embracing the various digital outlets to promote your business and enhance the way that you operate takes time. By defining a clear digital strategy, you can establish a roadmap for fully bringing your business online and determining areas of priority.

As you determine your game plan for going digital, we encourage you to take a look at the 2019 digital transformation trends to help you highlight areas of priority:

1. Data and Analytics Will Rule

With the wealth of data sets available, more organizations will lean on this information to make smart decisions. Research reveals that 60 percent of businesses are increasing their budget for analytics, data science, and machine learning in the coming year.

2. The Caliber of Chatbots Will Improve

Speaking of data, more businesses will lean on intelligent chatbots to improve the customer experience and drive sales in 2019. The integration of natural language processing (NLP) into chatbots will help to further humanize this technology, and 40 percent of businesses using chatbots are expected to invest in NLP in 2019 to offer higher caliber chatbots.

3. The Rise of the Multicloud

Adopting cloud technology is a no-brainer for your business. However, knowing whether to use a public cloud, private cloud, or a data center can be complicated. Most businesses find that they want a mix of these options, which is why connected clouds are continuing to be in demand to meeting an organization’s changing needs. A buzzword that we can expect to hear in 2019 is “multicloud,” which means having workloads running in public, private, and hybrid environments.

4. Location Services On Steriods

Location services technology has been around for several years and allows businesses to geographically target their audience and serve them with in-the-moment content. However, we can expect more businesses to get more granular with using location services in 2019 to enhance the customer experience. For example, a business with a busy parking lot could leverage location services technology to show customers available parking spots to help them bypass the headache of searching for a place to park.

There’s no question that making the digital transformation has moved from an item on the “to do” list to a top priority. However, knowing how to get started with this change can be challenging.

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