Product & Services Comparison

Danesc Rep 24/7 strives to provide the best tools
for all of your online marketing needs
not just social publishing.

If you have the time and expertise to manage your Social Media marketing, then there are a variety of online platforms that can assist with publishing including SOCI, Hootsuite and more. However, that is rarely the only need that business face when managing a brand online.

That’s why Danesc rep 24/7 offer the benefits of a self-managed platform but with real professional team services. Get the control and the help you need without having to choose on over the other. Manage all fo your social networks through one login, give your team they access that they need from Regional to location access permission. Inform your executive team with drill down reporting to show you top performance and the lower contributors to your brand.

Find and publish content with our content library to make it as easy as possible to find content that will create buzz and authority.
Know what happens after you post your content with real-time mention monitoring. Discover new prospects through conversation monitoring and engage in real-time.

Get more than just software access.