Facebook group for business

Create a Facebook Group for Your Business

We recently talked about the latest update to the Facebook newsfeed, also known as Facebook Zero. In summary, it’s becoming more challenging for businesses to get their content in front of their audience on Facebook. However, one way to overcome this challenge is to create a Facebook group for your business.

Why Create a Facebook Group for Your Business?

To engage your Facebook audience and keep your content visible in their newsfeeds, it’s become necessary to pay for Facebook advertising. However, some marketers are getting around this by creating a closed Facebook group for their business.

Because followers opt-in to be a part of the business Facebook group, they’re more likely to engage in the content. Also, members of your Facebook group have the option to receive alerts when new content is posted, which helps to keep your business visible.

Benefits of Creating a Facebook Group for Your Business

1. Create a Personal Level of Engagement.

Are you happy with the level of engagement that your company’s Facebook page is earning? If your content is not generating the number of likes and comments that you want, it’s to your advantage to create a closed Facebook group for your business.

In a smaller group setting, consumers feel less intimidated to engage in the conversation. By taking an active role in the Facebook group conversations, you’re able to communicate with your fans on a more personal level and show them that they are dealing with a person, not just a company.

2. Highlight Calls-to-Action.

One advantage of using a Facebook group is the ability to pin a post to the top of the group page. Creating a post that is a call-to-action for your business and pinning it at the top of the page will help to ensure that your audience sees it.

3. Get Feedback.

Your Facebook group can provide you with immediate feedback on any subject matter or question that you have. Looking for good ideas for future content or want to learn which issues are most pressing for your audience? Create a poll in your Facebook group to collect this valuable data.

4. Announce Offers.

One of the reasons why people choose to follow their favorite brands on social media is to gain access to exclusive offers. Reward your followers by announcing offers through your business Facebook group first.

Creating a Facebook group for your business is an easy way to engage your audience and keep your content in front of them, despite the recent changes to the Facebook newsfeed.

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