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Content Planning: How Far in Advance to Plan Content

If you’re not strategic and intentional with the way that you plan content for your business blog, social media accounts, email newsletters, and more, you’re not going to be happy with your content marketing results. Proactive content planning is your solution for getting the most out of your investment in content creation.

Most Businesses Struggle with Content Planning

Content organization is one of the biggest challenges that marketers are faced with. When you don’t have a plan in place, content creation either happens on a whim or not at all. We recommend using a content calendar and taking care of content planning at least one month in advance. Doing so will allow you to cover a variety of topics that your audience wants to learn about and help you to be more strategic with increasing brand awareness.

Content Planning Best Practices

To help you stay at least a month ahead of schedule, here are some content planning best practices to help you create content faster without sacrificing quality:

1. Determine how your content strategy will vary between platforms.

Many businesses use an editorial calendar strictly to manage their blog content; however, it’s in your best interest to also include the other platforms where you publish content as well (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more). Your content should vary between each platform, and using an editorial calendar as a dedicated space to keep all of your posts organized will help to ensure that you’re offering a good mix of content.

2. Consider upcoming events and holidays to plan content around.

Is your business planning to host an event in the coming month? If so, you’ll want to strategically plan your content around this event to help create buzz and make the event as successful as possible. As we go into the holiday season, now is the time to be planning your content for holiday marketing campaigns if you haven’t already done so.

3. Establish a regular posting schedule.

Your audience appreciates consistency, so you need to establish a regular posting schedule. Evaluate your capacity for creating high-quality content and consider how often your audience wants to consume content from you. Take a look at your website stats from Google Analytics to determine when your audience is most likely to engage with your business and plant to post content during those optimal times.

If content planning and creation is a struggle for your business, we can help. Contact us at Danesc to learn how we can help you to plan and create content to allow you to increase brand awareness, build authority, and earn more traffic.

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