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7 Qualities of a Strong ‘Contact Us’ Page

From the consumer’s perspective, there’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website and not being able to find the company’s contact information. Not only does this create a poor user experience, but the lack of visible contact information on your website makes your business look unprofessional. Including visible contact information throughout your website shows your customers that you’re accessible, which will help to build trust and credibility for your business. Having a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page is critical for generating leads and creating a positive user experience.

What Should You Include On Your ‘Contact Us’ Page?

Your ‘Contact Us’ page will be one of the most visited pages on your website, so you need to make sure you nail the design. Here are 7 must-have qualities of a strong ‘Contact Us’ page:

1. Explain why people should contact your business.

You need to give people a compelling enough reason to reach out to your business, so be sure to include your value proposition on your ‘Contact Us’ page. Keep it simple, but tell your customers how you can help solve their problems.

2. Provide an email and phone number.

Your email and phone number are preferred methods of communication and need to be immediately visible to your website visitors.

3. Include a short form to collect leads.

If people are visiting your ‘Contact Us’ page, they want to inquire more information about your business. Including a short form for your website visitors to complete will help you better understand where your leads are in the sales cycle.

4. Incorporate a call-to-action.

If visitors aren’t ready to provide you with their contact information just yet, adding a call-to-action to your contact page gives visitors another reason to stick around your website.

5. Showcase your thought leadership.

Do you have a business blog on your website that you use to attract traffic and add value? Using your contact page to showcase a list of your recent blog posts or links to any accolades that your business has received in the press can help to position you as a thought leader in your industry.

6. Include links to your social media pages.

Make it easy for your website visitors to check your business out on social media by including links to your active social media accounts.

7. Re-direct visitors to a thank you page.

Once your website visitors have taken the desired action on your contact page (for example, completing a form), re-direct your visitors to a thank you page that explains when you’ll be contacting them.

Do you have an existing ‘Contact Us’ page in place on your website? If so, take a look at it and see if your page includes these seven qualities.

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