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Consumer Thought on 2017 Digital Trends?

What Do Consumers Think About 2017 Digital Trends?

We’ve talked a lot about 2017 digital trends, such as how voice technology is impacting the way that companies are conducting business. Some other trends that are earning a lot of press include augmented reality (think Pok√©mon Go) and chatbots. However, just because a trend is generating a lot of buzz in the media doesn’t mean that consumers like it.

Mobile Pay:

While mobile payments are not making a lot of noise in the media, a survey put together by Code Computerlove reveals mobile payment is the most sought-after technology from the consumer’s perspective in 2017. Technology such as Apple Pay and Android Pay provide a convenient and secure solution for people to pay using a mobile device.

Voice Search:

Voice search is another digital trend that is gaining a lot of traction with consumers. According to the survey, 24.7 percent of consumers want to use voice search technology in 2017. Voice technology assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa make it convenient and nearly effortless for people to perform searches online. Currently, 20 percent of searches on Google are performed using voice technology, and this trend is only going to continue to increase. Considering that smartphones offer voice search technology, Google is testing mobile-first indexing to best appeal to searches from mobile devices.

The survey also reveals that today’s consumers want to spend less time in front of a screen. There is a demand for less intrusive technology that allows consumers to spend more time in the real world. Amazon offers consumers screenless ordering solutions through its Dash Replenishment Service and voice technology assistant, Alexa.

Thoughts on 2017 Digital Trends from the Consumer’s Perspective

When taking a collective look at 2017 digital trends from the consumer’s perspective, you’ll see that convenience is a consistent demand. Today’s consumers want the ability to pay using their mobile devices and browse the internet using voice technology rather than spending time in front of a screen. Finding ways to make it more convenient for consumers to do business with your company will benefit you in 2017 and beyond.

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