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Common Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Fails

content marketingIt’s been 20 years since Bill Gates of Microsoft proclaimed “Content is king!” Today it seems that everyone is jumping on the content marketing bandwagon. However, not everyone is seeing the success that he or she had hoped it would bring. If your small business is not seeing results with your content, it is time to take a look at some of the common reasons that may be keeping your content marketing from being an online success.

No Content Marketing Strategy

Having a content marketing strategy in place means setting goals and coming up with a plan to meet those goals. You need to know whom your intended audience is, what that audience wants and what efforts your competition is taking to get that audience’s attention. One of your goals should be to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide something your audience can only get from your website.

Content is Not Useful to Audience

You may think that having a blog is great because you can write about everything and anything under the sun. But, if what you’re writing isn’t providing any value to your audience, they are going to pass you by. Good content marketing provides relevant content that answers your audience’s questions or information that will be useful.

Lack of SEO

When content marketing is combined with a professional SEO strategy, the results are very effective. Improving your SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your website.  A proper SEO plan also helps your audience to delve deeper into your site or direct visitors to your site with title tags, meta descriptions, strategic keywords and useful links.

Remember, content marketing is not about writing and throwing some content online. For help creating a solid content strategy to drive website traffic and qualified leads, contact us today! 

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