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Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Update

Are You Ready for Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Update? Another change is soon coming in the way that Google ranks content, are you ready for indexing update? Google regularly makes updates to its search algorithm to enhance the user experience and serve people with the most relevant search results. For example, with more people now using their […]

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How to Use Pokémon Go to Generate More Business

Are you using Pokemon Go? In case you haven’t heard, Pokémon Go is all the rage. If you see a group of people huddled around their phones, there’s an excellent chance that they’re playing this location-based augmented reality game and are in an intense hunt for Pokémon. Within just one month of the game’s rollout […]

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SEO and Website Security: Is Your Website Secure?

With cyber theft at record high levels, it’s imperative that your business makes website security a top priority. Many SMB owners think that cyber attacks only happen to big corporations such as insurance companies and financial institutions; however, this could not further from the truth. The reality is that 43 percent of the cyber attacks that happened in […]

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Email Marketing 101: 3 Ways to Succeed With Constant Contact

Despite all of the rage with social media marketing these days, email marketing still continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. Did you know that at least 91 percent of consumers check their email inbox everyday? This means that email marketing gives your business a huge opportunity to get […]

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5 Tips For Creating An Epic Website For Your Small Business

The time has long since passed where companies refused to recognize the necessity of a website for their small business. Still, many get by with substandard ones that do not really engage their visitors and potential customers. Here are five tips for creating an epic website for your small business: 1. Integrate current branding elements […]

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