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Is Google Shutting Down Google+ as a Social Media Platform?

The privacy of consumer data and the lengths that social media platforms are going to protect this information is a hot topic for marketers and consumers alike. While Facebook has had its fair share of negative press regarding this issue over the past year, Google has also recently been in the hot seat. 500,000 Google+ […]

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2019 Instagram Marketing Trends

2019 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

With its native approach to advertising, Instagram gives businesses a unique opportunity to engage followers and start a conversation without making a traditional sales pitch. As a result, Instagram provides marketers with a better-than-average return on investment. If you want to capitalize on this social media platform in the coming year, you need to be […]

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Leverage Facebook Dynamic Ads to Promote Your Business Blog

If you’re like most marketers, you’re spending more than two hours crafting a blog post. That’s why it’s incredibly frustrating when you aren’t earning any traction with your blog posts. While there are several tactics that you can employ to grow your blog audience, we suggest you use Facebook Dynamic Ads to promote your blog […]

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Facebook ad algorithm

Facebook Ad Algorithm: What Marketers Need to Know

Like most prudent business owners, you want to lower what you’re paying for Facebook ad campaigns, yet maximize your ROI. To be able to get the most bang for your buck, you need to understand how the Facebook ad algorithm works. The challenge with the Facebook ad algorithm is that it’s a big black hole […]

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Instagram Stories

How to Harness the Power of Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms to use to promote your business. According to a recent Social Media Examiner survey, 71 percent of marketers said they want to learn more about Instagram marketing. To be able to maximize your ROI with using this social media platform, it’s imperative that your business […]

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What is the Slowest Growing Social Media Network?

With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can be challenging for marketers to know how to spend their time online wisely. When choosing a social media network to promote your business on, you need to make sure your target audience has an active presence on the platform. Looking at a social network’s […]

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business Facebook page

Do You Really Need a Business Facebook Page?

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform with 2.2 billion monthly active users around the globe. To put this percentage into better perspective, 68 percent of American consumers use Facebook as of 2018. Given these statistics, using Facebook to promote your business is a no-brainer. However, is it really necessary to create […]

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Facebook Marketers

Are Privacy Concerns Impacting Facebook Marketers?

Facebook has received a lot of heat in the news lately, particularly through the Cambridge Analytica scandal and concerns about user privacy. To mitigate these concerns, Facebook recently announced that it would be eliminating access to third-party targeting data, which left some Facebook marketers wondering about the future of using the social media platform to […]

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best time to post on social media

2018 Update: Best Time to Post on Social Media

A common question that we hear from clients is when is the best time to post on social media. The best answer to this question is whenever your audience is most likely to be online and engage with your content. To help your business get better results from posting social media content at the optimal […]

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Messenger Bot

Use a Messenger Bot at Your Next Presentation

We all have presentations to make from time to time. Want in on a secret that will help you better communicate your message at your next speaking gig? Incorporate a Messenger Bot into your next presentation. What is a Messenger Bot? Facebook offers the ability for businesses of all sizes to build a custom “bot” […]

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