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online authority

How to Become an Online Authority in Your Industry

A few years ago, having an active blog was your ticket to positioning your business as an online authority in your industry. However, the secret of business blogging and its ability to establish credibility is out, so relying on a blog as your sole means to educate your audience is no longer sufficient. To be […]

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small business website

Why Use WordPress for Your Small Business Website

WordPress is by far the preferred choice for your small business website. With more than 75 million WordPress websites, it’s evident that people like this Content Management System (CMS). But what makes WordPress an appealing platform for your small business website? Outlined below are several benefits for using WordPress for your small business website: 1. […]

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holiday shopping

How Millennials Are Impacting Holiday Shopping

With the arrival of Black Friday, we’re entering into the thick of the holiday shopping season. However, one thing to note about retail is that it moves at the speed of culture. With much of the Millennial generation reaching their prime working and spending years, this demographic is changing the way businesses are targeting consumers […]

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Website Security: The Value of an HTTPS Website

Website security should matter to your business now more than ever. Cyber attacks are on the rise with the occurrence doubling during the first half of 2017. Small Businesses Must Make Website Security a Priority If you think criminals don’t want to target your small business with a cyber attack, you’re wrong. Research shows that […]

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cloud hosting

The Advantages of Cloud Hosting

‘The cloud’ has become a popular buzzword in Corporate America as businesses of all sizes and industries are using this technology. While most people have heard of the cloud, not everyone understands what it means. What is Cloud Hosting? Instead of storing data and software on an individual computer, the cloud stores this information on […]

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digital marketing

Digital Marketing All Under One Roof

In this day and age, having a well-rounded online presence is critical to your company’s success. However, the thought of having to add one more component to your digital marketing strategy is overwhelming. Outsourcing online marketing to a digital agency is a logical solution, but it won’t always translate into a successful online presence for […]

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Online Marketing Consultation

Why a Free Online Marketing Consultation is Worth Your Time

Considering that 81 percent of consumers now turn to the internet to research products and services before making a purchase decision, online marketing is a necessity for your business. If the thought of promoting your business online makes you feel uneasy, you’re not alone. From building a website for your business and creating compelling content […]

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Brand Authority

Establishing Brand Authority

How to Establish Brand Authority for Your Business Online Building brand authority for your business is arguably the most important aspect of online marketing today. Authority makes it easier to attract new business, create additional opportunities, and shorten sales cycles. However, while everyone wants online brand authority, few understand how to achieve it. Our experienced […]

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Web Management & Secure Hosting

Empowering Through Online Marketing

 From the President: Empowering Others Through Online Marketing  Welcome to the new year! As you may have already noticed the year is flying by and I’m reminded at the beginning of every new year to make and stick to a list of “New Year’s Resolutions or goals.” This year I only have one, and I feel […]

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Digital Marketing Tools

Podcasts to Jump Start the New Year

The Best Small Business Podcasts to Jump Start the New Year Podcasts are a powerful source of inspiration and education, and for entrepreneurs, podcasts have become the next best thing to a long talk with industry influencers. If you have yet to immerse yourself in the podcast world, the new year is the perfect time […]

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