Business Reputation Management

Why Business Reputation Management Matters

Business Reputation ManagementBefore the rise of social media, business reputation management depended on word of mouth, reviews in magazines and newspapers, and even advertising. Now, anyone with a smart phone, laptop, or tablet can write or read a review about your business in just a few seconds. Whether you’re an independent real estate agent or the owner of a small restaurant, it’s extremely likely that potential customers will look at your reviews before deciding to patronize your business, making business reputation management essential to success.

If you’re not convinced that reviews matter, just take a look at the data. According to a 2015 Brightlocal Consumer Review Survey:

  • 92% of potential buyers read online reviews
  • Overall business rating has most effect on consumers
  • Businesses with one or two stars are only used by 13% or review readers
  • 68% of consumers trust a business more if it has good reviews
  • Reading just 1-3 reviews is enough information for 4 out of 10 consumers

Compared to surveys conducted in previous years, almost every metric that correlates positive online reviews to more business has increased, meaning effective business reputation management requires Internet strategies. As more and more consumers use online review apps and websites, reviews will likely become even more important in the future.

What You Can Do

Business reputation management is about changing bad reviews when possible and encouraging the creation of good reviews with existing customers. Every bad review on Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, or other side can cost your business a lot of money, but you can get rid of many of them through customer outreach and reporting fakes. Business reputation management professionals, like us, can also offer effective strategies and tactics.

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