outsource web development

Should You Outsource Web Development?

Considering the number of consumers turning to the internet to research products and services, having a website for your business is non-negotiable. Many businesses are faced with the dilemma to outsource web development or hire an in-house team to handle the company website. Aside from the cost savings, here are several reasons why the preferred […]

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Messenger Broadcast

Facebook Messenger Broadcast for Businesses

The social media landscape is regularly changing, which is why we make it our goal to keep you up-to-date with the latest news. One topic that has created a lot of buzz this week is that Facebook is testing a new Messenger Broadcast feature, which is a mass-messaging interface that would allow businesses to send […]

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Google My Business

Can Competitors Edit Your Google My Business Listing?

If you want to make it easy for your audience to find you online, you need to include your business in as many online directories as possible. Considering that approximately 77 percent of online searches originate with Google, creating a free Google My Business listing is a smart way to get your business in front […]

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holiday shopping

How Millennials Are Impacting Holiday Shopping

With the arrival of Black Friday, we’re entering into the thick of the holiday shopping season. However, one thing to note about retail is that it moves at the speed of culture. With much of the Millennial generation reaching their prime working and spending years, this demographic is changing the way businesses are targeting consumers […]

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Twitter Marketing

How the Expanded Tweet Impacts Twitter Marketing

Historically, Twitter has differentiated itself from other social media platforms by limiting posts to 140 characters. Users had to get creative when crafting tweets to fit within the character limit, which is how the infamous hashtag evolved. These short bursts of communication have come to form Twitter’s identity, and businesses have adjusted their Twitter marketing […]

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social media advertising ROI

How to Measure Social Media Advertising ROI on Facebook

According to the latest stats, Facebook has 1.28 billion active users each day, and 68 percent of online American consumers are on this social media platform. As a marketer, Facebook provides you with a powerful way to connect and engage with your audience. Facebook Ads Manager allows marketers to reach highly targeted audiences and boost […]

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business reputation

Do You Have a Trustworthy Business Reputation?

Do you have a business reputation that people trust? Considering the growing number of security breaches making headlines, some consumers are skeptical about doing business with brands online. Your Small Business Reputation Matters If you operate a small business, your reputation matters more now than ever before. According to a recent survey, only 19.8 percent […]

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Website Security: The Value of an HTTPS Website

Website security should matter to your business now more than ever. Cyber attacks are on the rise with the occurrence doubling during the first half of 2017. Small Businesses Must Make Website Security a Priority If you think criminals don’t want to target your small business with a cyber attack, you’re wrong. Research shows that […]

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Local Search Tips to Make Your Business More Relevant

Google is regularly enhancing its search algorithm to deliver the most relevant results to users. Considering that one in five searches performed on Google is for a local business, many of the tweaks made to Google’s search algorithm are to serve more relevant local search results to users. Do you want your business to make […]

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Email Marketing Tactics

Issues Hindering Your Email Newsletter Performance

Are you using email to deliver value-added content to your audience and drive conversions? If you think email marketing is on the path to extinction, you couldn’t be more wrong. Considering that most online consumers have an email address and check it daily, sending an email newsletter is a powerful way to reach your audience. […]

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evergreen content danesc rep 24/7

Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Business Blog

The most successful business blogs offer a mix of newsworthy time-sensitive content and evergreen content. The term “evergreen content” refers to relevant content that’s not dated and lasts for years. Even if you didn’t intentionally do so, there’s a good chance that you’ve already published evergreen articles on your blog. Having this long-lasting content on […]

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3 Simple Facebook Advertising Tips to Optimize for Conversions

Facebook is by far the most widely-used social media platform with 68 percent of online American consumers on Facebook. As of 2017, Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users. With these statistics, Facebook advertising presents marketers with a tremendous opportunity to reach their audience and raise brand awareness. New Facebook advertising features make it even […]

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Use Google Posts to Earn More Traffic

Google accounts for nearly 80 percent of the search market share. To manage your online presence and help users find your business online, you need to create a free Google My Business account. Google Posts is one of the newest features available to Google My Business accounts and makes it easy to create, share, and […]

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How Featured Snippets Boost Your Search Strategy

Google regularly makes updates to its search algorithm to deliver the most relevant results to users. If you’ve noticed, Google is moving past displaying its top 10 blue links and is now offering featured snippets in search results. What are featured snippets? When looking at a Google SERP, you’ll see featured snippets displayed at the […]

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