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Blog Topics Your Customers Want to Read About

Blogging provides your business with an outlet to educate your audience, establish trust, and deliver value. If you’re not getting traction from your business blog, you need to evaluate the topics that you’re covering. Your customers want you to address their pain points and provide solutions as they relate to your business. If you’re not using new blog topics or are delivering stale information, your readers will become bored and uninterested in your blog.

How do you find blog topics that interest your customers?

You’ll experience more engagement with your blog posts and an uptick of followers by taking the time to research what your customers want you to cover on your blog. Here are several strategies to help you brainstorm engaging blog topics that will captivate your audience:

1. Keyword Research

Do you know what your customers are typing into search engines to arrive on your website? Being aware of the keywords, phrases, and questions that are being typed into search queries will help you to create content that addresses those topics.

Social media is a great resource to turn to for keyword research. Facebook’s graph search tool makes it easy to find out what your followers are talking about. You can also use Twitter to discover trending topics based on location and interests.

Conducting some keyword research can also be as simple as starting to type a keyword into the search box and noticing the other results that populate with Google’s autocomplete feature.

2. Scope Out Competitors

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s easy to find out what your competitors are up to. Take a look at your competitor’s website to see which blog topics are performing well. While you don’t want to duplicate content, you can provide your own perspective on a topic that resonates with your target audience.

3. Ask Questions

The most obvious way to learn about blog topics that your audience wants to hear about is to ask them directly. Social media makes it easy to crowdsource ideas for blog topics.

Do you follow industry influencers on social media? Reach out to them for recommendations for blog topics to cover. This may even open up the door for a guest blogging opportunity on an influencer’s blog, which will expose you to a wider audience.

Blogging provides your business with a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and position yourself as an industry authority, assuming that you’re covering blog topics that interest your audience. Use the tips outlined above to identify topics to keep your blog filled with fresh, value-added content.

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