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Blog Content That People Love to Share

The Types of Blog Content That People Love to Share

As of May 2017, the most popular blogs on the internet in regards to followers include the Huffington Post, TMZ, and Business Insider. When you’re just starting out with your business blog, it’s easy to take a look at these widely-followed blogs and become frustrated that you’re not getting better results with your own blog content.

As humans, we want instant gratification, and we assume that starting a business blog will bring us immediate results. One of the lesser understood concepts of business blogging is that it requires an investment in time. However, the organic traffic that your blog posts will continue to attract to your website in time will far outweigh the short-term benefits of paid search.

To help you earn positive results from your business blogging efforts, it’s important that you’re posting the types of content that appeal to your audience. Some formats of content will resonate better with your readers than others. If you want to earn more shares of your content and raise awareness of your business, you need to know about these three types of blog content that people love to share:

1. “How-To” Blog Posts

“How-to” blog posts are by far some of the most shared forms of content on the internet. These types of posts sit well with readers as a motivating factor to surf the web to learn new information.

As a business owner, writing a “how-to” post provides you with an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your industry. Writing “how-to” posts that demonstrate how to use your product or how your product will help consumers to overcome relevant issues will help you to earn more shares of your content.

2. Quizzes

People love to share their results from online quizzes and challenge their friends to do the same. Take advantage of free tools like Playbuzz to create free online quizzes that will spark engagement with your audience and increase shares of your content.

3. Picture Lists

The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, if you want to connect with readers, include an abundance of pictures in your blog posts.

Pictures help you to tell a story, explain a process, and make comparisons better than words can. Shocking, funny, and jaw-dropping pictures will give your content a boost in shares.

By incorporating these three types of content into your business blogging calendar, you’ll earn more shares of your content, thus expanding your base of followers. Need help getting better results with your business blogs? Contact us at Danesc. We can get you moving in the right direction.