best time to post on social media

2018 Update: Best Time to Post on Social Media

A common question that we hear from clients is when is the best time to post on social media. The best answer to this question is whenever your audience is most likely to be online and engage with your content.

To help your business get better results from posting social media content at the optimal time, we’d like to share 2018 research about the best time to post on social media for each channel.

Best Time to Post on Social Media


It’s no secret that Facebook has more active users than any other social media channel. According to Pew Research, 71 percent of Facebook users are active on the platform each day.

Despite the ever-evolving and complex Facebook newsfeed algorithm, you’ll earn the most likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs by posting on Facebook at the following times:

  • Between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday


More than 330 million active Twitter users regard the social media platform as a digital newspaper and scroll through it daily. If you want to earn retweets and maximize your exposure, here are the optimal times to tweet:

  • 3 p.m. Monday through Friday for B2B organizations
  • Before 9 a.m., noon, and after 5 p.m. for B2C organizations


LinkedIn is a dedicated social media platform for professionals, so it makes sense that the ideal times to post on this network fall within business hours. Research shows that you’ll have the most luck generating engagement by posting on LinkedIn at the following times:

  • 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday

Since most businesses have a tendency to post on the hour, you’ll set yourself apart by posting on the 45-mark.


Instagram is regarded as a “hip” social media platform that attracts a younger demographic, with 59 percent of users falling into the Millennial category. Therefore, considering that many users are students that stay up late, posting Instagram content only during business hours is not the best strategy for earning engagement on this platform.

Here are the optimal times to post on Instagram:

  • Between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Obviously, the best time to post on social media can vary depending on your business and industry, and finding the optimal time will require some trial and error on your part.

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