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Best Resources for Blog Images That Won’t Get You Sued

According to the latest research, the typical marketer spends between one and two hours creating a 500-word blog post. This timeframe doesn’t take into account the amount of time that marketers spend looking for visuals to include in the blog content. If you’ve ever had to search the web for eye-catching, copyright-free images, you know that hunting for the perfect blog images is no easy task.

While it’s unlikely that you would face litigation for using someone else’s image without their permission, the possibility is out there. At the very least, you could end up looking unprofessional for including a copyrighted image on your business blog.

Our Favorite Resources for Blog Images

To make life easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best resources for blog images that won’t get you sued:

Option 1: Pay a small fee to use stock images.

You can find a number of websites on the internet that offer high-quality images for a small fee. Most of these sites offer the option to purchase a subscription plan to realize further savings on images. Some of the more reputable websites that offer stock photos for purchase include iStockPhoto, Fotolia, and Shutterstock. If you’re using these stock image websites, just be careful about not choosing images that make your brand appear to be too generic.

Option 2: Use free images from Creative Commons that are licensed for commercial use.

If you want to expand your options for blog images, Creative Commons offers more than 40 million images to choose from in a variety of categories. While you may need to do some browsing to find a quality image, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the images are already approved to be used for commercial use (such as in your business blog).

Option 3: Create your own blog images.

If you want to give your blog posts an authentic feel and reflect your company’s unique personality, you can create and share your own images. If you have a knack for photography, it will be easy to come up with high-quality blog images. If you’re writing a ‘how to’ blog post, another idea is to share screenshots to walk through each step of the process. You can also create your own infographic to make it easier for your audience to digest complex ideas.

If you have some concerns about which images are safe to include in your blog post, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we can help. Our team at Danesc offers a full-service content creation program that includes professional graphic design.

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