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How to Become an Online Authority in Your Industry

A few years ago, having an active blog was your ticket to positioning your business as an online authority in your industry. However, the secret of business blogging and its ability to establish credibility is out, so relying on a blog as your sole means to educate your audience is no longer sufficient. To be seen as the expert in your industry, you need to utilize multiple online marketing tactics to reach your audience.

What is an Online Authority?

When you become an online authority in your industry, it means that you have a notable influence in your line of business. In other words, you are the “go to” person for any need or point of reference as it relates to your business and industry. Becoming an online authority is advantageous to your business because when it comes time for your target audience to make a purchase, they will think of you.

How Can You Become an Online Authority in Your Industry?

Now that you understand the value of being an online authority in your industry, how do you become one? Here are several online marketing techniques to position your business as an industry leader:

1. Content Marketing

Yes, blogging will play a critical role in establishing your business as an industry authority; however, you need to distribute value-added content in other ways as well. Creating an e-book or whitepaper will allow you to dive in-depth into topics that interest your audience. Host a podcast to add some variety to your content marketing strategy and earn loyal listeners. Focus on creating content that adds value and educates your audience instead of sales-centered content.

2. Social Media Marketing

To become an online authority, your business needs to be everywhere your audience is, including social media. When communicating online, show some charisma and passion for what you do. Make sure that your message is consistent across all social media platforms as this will help to increase brand recognition.

3. Online Monitoring

Without an online monitoring service, it’s impossible to know what’s being said about your business online at any given time. Use online monitoring to actively listen and participate in social media conversations. Online monitoring will also help you to respond promptly to reviews and comments on your blog posts.

By consistently serving your audience value-added content and having an active presence on the social media platforms where your audience spends their time, you will come to position yourself as an online authority.

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