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Optimize Your Mobile Website for Local Search

In today’s digital landscape, having a mobile website and dominating local search is non-negotiable if you want to grow your business online. Why Optimize Your Website for Mobile and Local Search? Currently, more than half of Google search queries are made using mobile devices. As a result, Google is in the process of transitioning to […]

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Why Create an eBook for Your Business?

If you want to increase website conversions, you need to focus on creating premium content that your visitors perceive to be valuable enough to be willing to exchange their contact information for. An eBook is a perfect example of premium content that you should be placing behind landing page forms. What is an eBook? In […]

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earn more comments

3 Key Ingredients to Earn More Comments On Blog Posts

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours writing a blog post and learning that it generates little to no engagement. No matter how well-written your content is, you won’t earn more comments on your blog posts if you don’t take into account these three crucial elements: traffic, engagement, and emotion. Traffic Before you get […]

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email list

How to Build Your Email List for Free

Considering that the vast majority of your target audience has an email address, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to get your content in front of the right people. However, to be successful with email marketing, you need to have an email list with quality contacts. Why You Should Never Purchase […]

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geo-targeted ad campaign

Should You Run a Geo-Targeted Ad Campaign

One of the hottest trends in digital advertising is running a geo-targeted ad campaign. Geo-targeting refers to serving advertisements to a specific set of users based on their physical location. So, for example, if you operate an ice cream shop, it could be advantageous for you to use geo-targeting to reach your nearby audience and […]

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Instagram Stories

How to Harness the Power of Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms to use to promote your business. According to a recent Social Media Examiner survey, 71 percent of marketers said they want to learn more about Instagram marketing. To be able to maximize your ROI with using this social media platform, it’s imperative that your business […]

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positive online reviews

Promote Positive Online Reviews to Build Your Brand

Thanks to the internet, consumers no longer need to have a conversation with a sales rep to make a purchase decision. Instead, they turn to online reviews for unbiased feedback from actual customers to research products and services before opening their wallets. Considering that 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations […]

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What is the Slowest Growing Social Media Network?

With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can be challenging for marketers to know how to spend their time online wisely. When choosing a social media network to promote your business on, you need to make sure your target audience has an active presence on the platform. Looking at a social network’s […]

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blog images

Best Resources for Blog Images That Won’t Get You Sued

According to the latest research, the typical marketer spends between one and two hours creating a 500-word blog post. This timeframe doesn’t take into account the amount of time that marketers spend looking for visuals to include in the blog content. If you’ve ever had to search the web for eye-catching, copyright-free images, you know […]

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peak creativity zone

How to Find Your Peak Creativity Zone

You need to consistently produce high-quality content to be able to tell your brand’s story online in a compelling way, thus helping to spark engagement and raise awareness for your business. However, if you’re not operating within your peak creativity zone, writing content is incredibly time-consuming and more challenging to create. What Does It Mean […]

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