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Art of Authentic Hyperlocal Content

The Art of Creating Authentic Hyperlocal Content

Here’s the thing. Creating quality, authentic hyperlocal content is no easy task. If you run a national business in multiple markets, you might be finding it difficult to create content that resonates with locals in each market. If you operate a small local business, you’re learning that you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to creating quality local content.

Creating authentic hyperlocal content allows your business to connect with the local community and add real value. Geographically targeted content will improve your search ranking. It will also demonstrate to locals that you’re the expert in their market and understand their pain points.

With a growing number of consumers using their mobile devices to perform online searches, creating hyperlocal content has never been more important. Here are several steps that your business needs to follow to perfect the art of creating quality hyperlocal content:

1. Lean on local influencers in your industry

We’ve talked about guest posting and how this content marketing tactic will help you raise awareness for your brand. Have you ever opened up your blog to accept guest posts from local influencers in your industry? Leaning on local influencers to help you publish fresh content is smart as it allows you to address relevant issues that your local audience is dealing with. It can also take some of the content creation responsibility off of you.

2. Embrace local data

Local data will provide you with a wealth of content ideas. It also helps demonstrate to customers that your company knows a lot about the local community. Use this data to create locally focused blog posts and landing pages. You’ll find that the local data makes it easier to create content, and your audience will realize a lot of value in hearing the facts about their local community.

3. Consistently publish hyperlocal content

While you might be excited today about creating hyperlocal content, it’s important that your business doesn’t change its tune tomorrow and focus on something else. Creating local content needs to be a regular part of your search engine optimization strategy. Consistently publishing hyperlocal content will allow your business to position itself as the industry expert in your community.

Search engines are placing more emphasis on the location, quality, and context of content. Following these actionable steps will allow your business to master the art of creating authentic hyperlocal content to boost engagement, ranking, and sales.

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