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Use an Alexa Flash Briefing to Diversify Your Content Strategy

Voice technology assistants are changing the way that consumers are performing searches online. In fact, it’s anticipated that half of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. Amazon’s Alexa is leading the way with just under 70 percent of the voice technology market share. Savvy marketers that want to diversify their content marketing strategies should consider creating an Alexa flash briefing as an innovative way to keep their brand in front of their customers.

Does it cost money to create an Alexa flash briefing?

No, there is no cost to create an Alexa flash briefing and add it to the skills store.

Why create an Alexa flash briefing?

Today’s consumers crave convenience, and content that they can request with their voice and digest on-the-go is very appealing. By serving your audience value-added content in the form of a flash briefing, you can regularly deliver important updates and news to your audience in a way that will keep them engaged. Each briefing can be up to 10 minutes in length, and you can choose how often you will update your briefings.

How do you create an Alexa flash briefing for your business?

To be able to create an Alexa flash briefing for your business, you will first need to have an account on the Amazon Developer Console (free to register).

Once you establish an account on the Amazon Developer Console, you will need to create an RSS feed to upload the audio files for your flash briefing. Effct is a free “plug and play” tool that makes it easy to upload and schedule your flash briefings.

You’re now ready to create your first Alexa skill. Click on the “Alexa” tab on the Amazon Developer Console and then select “Get Started Under Alexa Skills Kit.” On the next page, choose “Create Skill.” You will then be asked to name your skill and choose a model to add to your skill. Select “Flash Briefing” as your model. Provide a short (70 character) introduction for your flash briefing and add your RSS feed from Effct. Be sure to play your flash briefing before making it available to the public!

Creating an Alexa flash briefing is very simple and straightforward, and Social Media Examiner offers even more detailed steps to help your first flash briefing go off without a hitch.

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