cloud hosting

The Advantages of Cloud Hosting

‘The cloud’ has become a popular buzzword in Corporate America as businesses of all sizes and industries are using this technology. While most people have heard of the cloud, not everyone understands what it means.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Instead of storing data and software on an individual computer, the cloud stores this information on the internet. Therefore, cloud hosting makes your key information accessible to your employees from any location.

Cloud hosting offers some enormous benefits to your business, which is why cloud adoption has become so popular today. Here are five reasons why your business needs to embrace cloud hosting:

1. Cost Savings

Because the cloud does not use physical servers, you can eliminate the costs associated with upkeep and maintenance of your servers. Also, the cloud offers a “pay as you go” model, meaning that you’ll never pay for more than you need.

2. More Square Footage

Since the cloud does not use physical servers, you can maximize the square footage of your workplace by not having to reserve space to store servers.

3. Reliability

Most cloud service providers offer a 99.9 percent uptime, meaning that your data and files will always be available as long as you have an internet connection. Reliability is crucial in today’s digital world, and the cloud provides peace of mind that your business is up and running.

4. Collaboration and Productivity

Many companies today have employees that work remotely. Because cloud hosting allows employees to access data and software on-the-go as long as they have an internet connection, they can still easily share information in real-time regardless of their location. Increased collaboration leads to a more productive work environment, which benefits the bottom line.

5. Security

Cloud hosting helps to strengthen security for your business in two ways. First, the cloud serves as the ultimate backup system for your business with multiple backups and redundancies built into its data center. Second, cloud hosting utilizes security professionals that are well-versed in the latest threat environment to help keep your data and information safe.

In summary, every business can benefit from using the cloud. If you’re not already taking advantage of the cloud, you’re behind the eight ball.

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