Listing Builder Tool

New Improvements to Our Listing Builder Tool

One of the many ways that we can help you improve your search ranking and grow your business online is by including your business in online directory sites, review sites, and social networks. Our Listing Builder tool will allow you to manage hundreds of business listings from one central location, which helps to ensure the accuracy of your listings.

Understanding how important business listings are to growing your online presence and building your reputation, we regularly make enhancements to our listing distribution feature to maximize your results. We’re excited to share two new improvements to our Listing Builder tool:

1. Google My Business Insights Comes to Listing Builder

First, we’ve integrated Google My Business Insights into Listing Builder. This enhancement is significant as the Google My Business data will reveal how your customers find your business listing, where customers find your business listing on Google, and what customers do when they visit your listing. In short, Google My Business Insights will help our clients to understand how business listings impact their bottom line. While most SMB owners understand the importance of online listings, this improvement to our Listing Builder tool demonstrates the value of having business listings.

2. Intuitive, User-Friendly Design for Listing Builder

The second enhancement to Listing Builder that we’re excited about is its new, intuitive design which includes more data fields and allows our clients to distribute more of their business information across the web. Some of the additional data fields include services, brands, toll-free numbers, and professional record data for clients in the healthcare space. The data legends are now easier for clients to fill out, and the user-friendly design helps clients to understand where their information stands with the data providers.

The improvements to Listing Builder will help to ensure the accuracy of your listings in over 300 online directories, review sites, and social networks. Your data will automatically sync with the four major data providers (Neustar, Factual, Acxiom, and Infogroup) so you can feel confident about having a consistent online presence. Listing Builder will allow you to maintain a reliable online presence that will increase your search ranking.

Are you interested in learning more about how business listings can help you grow your company online? Contact us at Danesc to hear how Listing Builder will help you build a stronger online presence for your business.