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Blog Content that Speaks to your Audience

For some reason, many of you struggle to create blog content that speaks to your audience. Coming up with topics to write about on your small business blog is an incredibly time-consuming process. Make the most of your time and write about topics that address relevant issues and pain points that your audience is experiencing.

Creating content that your audience wants to hear about doesn’t have to be a difficult task assuming that you take advantage of the following tips:

1. Know the influencers in your industry

Do you ever wonder how some of the big names in your industry earn a huge following on their blogs? It’s because they’re covering topics that resonate with readers. Take a look at the variety of content that influencers are sharing on their blogs and the level of engagement that these posts are creating. This research will provide you with insight and inspiration to write posts that hit a home run with your audience.

Want to make it easy to follow influencers in your industry? Stay in-the-know with these thought leaders by creating a Twitter list specifically for industry influencers.

2. Refer to your top performing social media posts

Want to write a blog post that fuels engagement? Turn to your top performing social media posts for inspiration. If you use Facebook to promote your business, you can quickly identify your top performing posts by visiting Facebook Insights and clicking on the “posts” section on the lefthand side of the page. This tool will highlight your top performing posts by the level of follower engagement.

3. Ask your audience directly about topics they want you to address

Take the guesswork out of which topics you should cover in your business blog and ask your audience directly what they want you to discuss. Use social media to poll your audience about relevant issues that they want to have addressed. Take advantage of Survey Monkey to create a free survey of content ideas and include a link to it in your email newsletter and on your website. Communicate with your audience via a live webinar and ask them point blank about topics that matter to them.

As you can see, coming up with winning topics for your business blog is not difficult assuming that you are smart in the way that you give these three best practices a try.

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