5 Ways to Engage with Your Followers on Facebook

social media marketingSo, you’ve set up your Facebook page, but now you’re wondering why it’s not generating much interest in your product or service. More times than not, the problem lies in your content. Do you have an active plan for managing content, or do you post random comments or links only when you think of it?

No matter how good your Facebook page looks, that’s only half the job. Social media marketing is all about encouraging interaction with consumers. Here are five tested ways to engage your followers and convert them into customers.

  1. 1. Provide Varied, Interesting Content

Whether it’s perfunctory comments or links to outside material, some companies continually post the same type of content. Bored readers eventually grow tired and leave in search of more dynamic pages.

Visual content is an effective way to attract attention. According to Inc. Magazine, Facebook posts that include images garner 87 percent of overall engagement. Use a mix of photos and videos, along with questions, links and relevant updates to keep your audience coming back.

  1. 2. Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags were popularized by Twitter as a means of categorizing content for easier tracking and searching. Incorporating them into your Facebook content makes it easier to draw in interested readers.

  • Keep hashtags short, specific and relevant to your brand.
  • Use hashtags to promote and track campaigns, products or events.
  • Don’t get carried away; overuse of hashtags equates to spam.
  1. 3. Create “Call to Action” Posts

People are often reluctant to initiate action, so giving them a subtle nudge is more effective at generating engagement. Do you want followers to post a comment or share content? Include a call to action that guides their response.

One option is “like vs. share,” in which you pose a question with two different answers, then ask followers to take the action corresponding with their choice. Readers can weigh in with their opinion while also increasing the reach of your content.

  1. 4. Share Quotes

Self-improvement is always a popular topic that has applications for a wide range of followers. People relate to inspirational and motivational quotes in their own way, and will frequently share favorite lines that particularly resonate with them.

  1. 5. Respond Quickly to Questions, Comments

Social media marketing can put a “face” to your business and express its personality through interaction with followers. Good content is vital, but responding to comments and questions adds an appealing human element. In addition to boosting engagement, “live” responses demonstrate a genuine interest in your followers.

Creating Effective Social Media Marketing

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