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5 Tips For Creating An Epic Website For Your Small Business

The time has long since passed where companies refused to recognize the necessity of a website for their small business. Still, many get by with substandard ones that do not really engage their visitors and potential customers. Here are five tips for creating an epic website for your small business:

Epic Website
1. Integrate current branding elements –Current and potential customers will want to know that they have arrived on the right site as soon as possible. The integration of your current brand colors and logos on the site will help to quickly accomplish this goal.

2. Use multiple landing pages – Similarly, your visitors will want to find the information they need ASAP. Create multiple landing pages and then drive traffic to the appropriate one depending on where the customer is in the buying cycle.

3. Keep the copy simple – Analogies and allusions are great when writing fiction but visitors to your site want information imparted as quickly and as memorably as possible. Stick to the point, keep the information timely and update it on a regular basis.

4. Don’t Forget Compelling Images – As the old adage says, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and with the Internet being so visually oriented, the saying is probably an understatement in this medium. Images not only attract visitors but also help to keep them around.

5. Optimize for those on the go – The newest generations of Internet users require your site to be compatible with their slew of indispensable mobile devices or they will just go somewhere else. A  website that is not mobile-friendly is a disaster waiting to happen.

For more information on creating an epic website, contact us today. We specialize in creating custom websites for our small business clients!

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