5 Things That Will Damage Your Social Media Marketing

social media marketingOh, the wild, wild web. At the center of it all (for content marketing purposes), is your bustling hard-working website and just outside this realm lies your social platforms and campaigns, all doing their part to point the way home to your digital bacon maker. But quicker than you can say, Jack Dorsey, things in the social fabric can unravel quickly, even the most well-laid plans. So what are the things that will most negatively impact your efforts?

1. Not having a plan. We might have mentioned that above, but having a plan is butter and not having one, bananas. A goal of “getting a ton of followers” isn’t really a plan.

2. Inconsistency. While there may be some times and places where a little inconsistency can pay off — your social media efforts are not them. To get a hold in the Twitterverse, you should be posting 20 times a day (you’ll see lower numbers out there but don’t believe them) and between 1-2 times a day on Instagram. Facebook? Wait for it… we’re computing. Ok, the short answer is, it depends. On your budget.

3. Too little too late. While it’s always good to have a good response plan in place, your strategy for customer service and feedback comments should be twice as fast and half as furious. Ok, not furious at all. Respond within 2 hours, even if it’s only to say you’ve heard them and you’re looking into the matter.

4. Falling into the Facebook black hole. It’s easy when so many of us are in the forest to not see the trees. Meaning, we’re all in the Facebook weeds due to the never ending unanswered questions and changing platform. To get traction, reach, yadda yadda on Facebook requires a budget for ads, smart campaigns and a myriad of other techniques. We also highly recommend slapping that “like page” button front and center on your website and youtube channel. Otherwise, you’re sludging through the Facebook jungle with no knife, compass or fuel.

5. Unhappy customers. They happen — and they happen like wildfire with social media. Use Yelp reviews to look for ways to improve customer satisfaction and make sure you have that social customer service plan in place. Your response messaging should always be prompt, kind, sincere, positive and helpful; so leave the snark and urge to fight back in your zenned out, hammock-swinging happy place.

6. Give rather than get. In other words, post less promotional content and when you do post promotional content, let it be creative, funny or entertaining in some way. This sentiment of giving rather than getting also holds true to engaging with your followers. Comment, share, retweet and favorite away. Let love rule.(And yes, we threw in an extra point here, well, just because.)

So, to stay on top of the changing social landscape and to ensure your content marketing is converting, contact us today! We would love to help your small business reach the digital success you deserve!