5 Simple Ways to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

content marketingA successful content marketing strategy takes some serious time and effort to create and implements properly. Here are a few tips on creating one for your small business!

1. Tell the company story – You can’t tell the story of your company and its products too many times. It may only get read once, but that’s enough for a visitor to get a sense of the purpose for your product or service and connect with your brand.

2. Focus on the content – This advice may seem obvious but content is king in regards to a successful content marketing strategy. Your website content should be relevant, timely and updated on a regular basis, otherwise, visitors will lose interest over the long term. We highly recommend you keep them enticed by offering educational, and regularly updated blog content.

3. Don’t overlook social media channels – Crowdsourcing and the massive amounts of visitors to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels means a tremendous amount of opportunity for the content marketer.

4. Add a mobile interface – Similarly, the newest generations of potential clients will demand that they be able to access your content “on the go” or they will look elsewhere. In a nutshell, your website must deliver its content in mobile-friendly form.

5. Hire a pro – A business owner or manager cannot be everywhere all of the time. Competing for interests will inevitably intrude upon their time. For this reason, it is often best to outsource the development of a content marketing strategy to an outside firm. Everyone involved can then concentrate on their core competencies.

For additional information on furthering the content marketing strategy for your company, please contact us at Danesc. We would love to create a custom strategy for your small business!

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