5 Simple Steps for Creating Compelling Blog Content

Steps for Creating Compelling Blog Content

With so much blog content to compete with on the internet, you can’t afford to write mediocre blog posts.

Fortunately, there’s an easy formula for creating compelling blog content with every post that you write. We’ll spell out this fool-proof formula for you below using 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Audience

If you’re writing every blog post to appeal to your entire audience, you’re probably not getting results from your content marketing strategy. However, if you write each blog post with an intended audience or buyer persona in mind, you’re more likely to generate some buzz.

Take a look at some of your most successful blog content regarding engagement. There’s a good chance that the posts that earn the most engagement¬†are based on the same 1 to 3 topics. Bingo! Those are topics that your audience is interested in.

Now think about the specific audience that you want to address when writing about one of these hot topics. What is some new insight about the topic that you can offer to this particular audience?

Step 2: Write a Headline

The headline is arguably the most important aspect of your blog post. When coming up with a headline, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you asking a question?
  • Does the headline address a problem?
  • Does the headline create curiosity?

These are all elements that you’ll want your headline to include.

Step 3: Hook the Reader

It’s crucial that you find a way to hook your reader in the blog post early on. The best blog posts begin with a brief 4 to 6 sentences that describe a relatable problem and outline how you’re going to fix it.

Step 4: Write the Body of the Post

The best blog posts all seem to follow the same pattern. They begin with addressing a problem that the readers are dealing with. Offer some detail as to why the problem is occurring, provide a solution, and share how to implement the solution.

Using subheadings to break up the blog post into sections can make it easier for readers to scan, digest, and comprehend.

Step 5: Proofread

All too often, people choose to publish a blog post before taking the time to proofread it. Don’t do this. Even if you create the most interesting blog post, you’ll lose all credibility with your audience if it includes spelling and grammatical errors. Plus, you may even find that proofreading the blog post causes you to re-work the flow to make it easier for your readers to follow.

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