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5 Questions When Planning Social Media Content

Planning Social Media Content

You can not afford to wing it with your marketing strategy. Social media marketing has become a strategic must-have to get in front of today’s consumers. In fact, 69 percent of marketers are now using social media to build brand awareness. As we enter 2017, we anticipate more businesses to embrace the power of social media.

Careful planning is your secret weapon for standing out among the crowd. As you plan your social media content, here are 5 questions you should be asking yourself:

1. What are you promoting?

Being successful with planning social media content is knowing what to talk about. Think about what you have coming up shortly. A  good starter is any relevant industry news you want to get in front of your followers. Maybe a new product launch, or holiday specials?  Promote the interesting or fun to draw in your followers.

2. What do you want to accomplish?

It is necessary to have clear goals in mind with what you want to accomplish. These goals will help you measure your success and make tweaks when needed. Think about your big picture goals–higher sales, increased brand awareness, more downloads. Keep this in mind when planning your content, this will allow you to reach those goals.

3. Who is your audience?

Creating buyer personas is necessary if you want to reach your audience on social media effectively. Think about the types of content that each of your clients likes to engage with. How do they like to interact with content? What pain points are they experiencing? The biggest mistake that you can make with social media marketing is creating all of your content for one general audience.

4. Consider how audiences interact differently on each social network?

Another big social media mishap is to assume you can post the same content across all of your social media channels. People engage with content very differently on each social media platform, so a post that may perform well on Facebook could negatively impact your business on LinkedIn, for example. Sometimes, the same content can be used but in a different format.

5. Can your posts be rescheduled on short notice if needed?

There will be times when a post about breaking news will need to take priority over a piece of content that you have scheduled. Ask yourself. Am I creating content that is flexible enough to be rescheduled if necessary?

Knowing these top 5 things can certainly bring value to your content. If you could use some help planning and scheduling your content, we can help. Please contact us at Danesc to learn more.