5 HVAC Marketing Tips To Drive Online Traffic

hvac marketingIt should come as no surprise that these days every HVAC company needs an Internet presence to be successful. Not just a basic website, however, but an online presence that engages visitors, drives leads and delivers real value. Here are 5 HVAC marketing tips to help your company create a successful online presence:

Advertise – Utilizing paid search – pay per click, Adwords or otherwise – is an affordable way to attract new visitors to your site. It is very a powerful marketing tool when you can exactly select where you want to advertise and under what circumstances. In addition, ensure that your website URL is included on all your printed marketing materials – especially your business card.

Use social media – Similarly, a company needs a strong presence on social media to make their presence known. LinkedIn is the most obvious place to start a social media campaign for a business but an HVAC company can also benefit from a presence on Twitter and Facebook even if it just reminds potential customers that you exist.

Go mobile – The latest generation of internet users are all about obtaining information on the go. They want to know about your company immediately or they will move on to another one. It is all but impossible to fulfill this need without a mobile presence. Ensure that your website meets this demand and you will your visitor count rise dramatically.

Target longtail keywords – As an HVAC company, you are in a niche market so target that market as specifically as possible. This fact means using longtail keywords. They may not generate as much traffic as shorter ones but they will draw visitors whoa re more specifically interested in your services and the conversion will be significantly higher.

Guest blog – No one can describe the benefits of your company better than you so take advantage of this fact and get the message out in a blog. Keep the posts relevant and timely for best effect. Repeat visitors convert at an incredible rate.

As you can see, there are a multitude of avenues for boosting the traffic to your website. Using all of them, however, is the best strategy as they feed off of each other. In other words, the whole is indeed bigger than the sum of its parts.

For further information on boosting the traffic to your HVAC website and converting more visitors to customers, please join our complimentary HVAC Marketing Webinar this Thursday, June 9th. We’d love to further discuss out to drive qualified traffic and leads to your HVAC website. 

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