5 Elements of a Great Website

Online Marketing Basics: 5 Elements of a Great Website

 5 Elements of a Great WebsiteHaving a thoughtful, well-created website is key to any modern companies success. Your small business website is often a customer’s first impression of your business, so you want to make sure it’s a positive one.

Here are 5 must-have elements for a great small business website:

1. Use consistent branding: A website should mirror the other marketing efforts of your company. In other words, utilize the same logo, catch phrases and colors on the website as those on your flyers, signage and other promotional literature.

2. Be easy to navigate: Customers – current and potential – will leave your site in a hurry if it is even moderately difficult to navigate. Put a lot of thought into the structure so that they can get to the relevant page with as few clicks as possible.

3. Use multiple landing pages: In a similar vein, use multiple landing pages to guide potential customers to get customers to the information they want as quickly as possible. These pages should be focused on where the customer is in the buying cycle.

4. Add a mobile component: The latest generations of customers are mobile-centric. If they cannot access your site from a tablet or smartphone, they will probably move on without a second thought. Simply put, ignoring mobile users imperils the very existence of your company.

5. Keep current: A website should not be static. Add new information on a regular basis – at least once per week – or you will soon find yourself without any visitors. Keeping current customers visiting is as valuable as finding new ones.

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