4 Winning Techniques For Instagram Marketing

Instagram It’s no secret that Instagram is quickly rising as the golden child of social media. The platform’s highly engaged users, photo-centric layout, and simplicity all add up to make it a marketing utopia. Plus, the community runs a few degrees warmer and fuzzier than other channels. A rare hybrid of engagement and search (think Facebook and Twitter, respectively), Instagram is a powerful tool. And while Facebook is typically seen as the channel for engagement, one study by Forrester shows that brand engagement on Instagram is almost 60 times that of its counterpart. So, if you don’t already have an Instagram marketing strategy in place, get going! Here are the top four things you need to know to earn love, followers, and brand fans.

1. Discover the artist in you. Or recruit one to join your team. You can upload either images or videos, but either should be high res, high quality and visually compelling. They should also evoke emotion from your audience.

2. Go short or long. In terms of the length of your written text or copy, we say either short or long prose can work. While some in the industry say keep it short, check out @inglorioushikers’ profile for a real-time case study.

3. Tell a story through your images and text. Nothing is more powerful than storytelling — in your personal or professional world — and Instagram lets you do this simply and effectively. Use hashtags to communicate with those not yet following you, so they can see your story, too.

4. Get engaged to your followers and future followers. This is the oldest rule of thumb for virtually every social chanel, but it bears driving home again and again because all too often we see companies turn on the automatic scheduling and call it a day. Listen, monitor and engage. Oh, and salute engaged fans with personal responses, tagging or heck, presents!

Do you need a little more help in figuring out your Instagram story, or maybe an artistic touch to unleash your creative side? We would love to help- get in touch with us today!