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4 Things You Don’t Know About Social Media Advertising

While one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach your online audience is to take an organic approach by consistently creating relevant, high quality content, it’s hard to ignore the wide variety of paid social media marketing solutions that so many social channels are now offering.

Whether you’re new to the idea of paid social advertising or have been using this strategy for quite some time, here are 4 things that you may not know about social advertising to help you elevate your results:

1. You can target VERY specific audiences.

Facebook has definitely been a leader in the paid social advertising arena with its wide breadth of targeting tools. This social media platform can allow your business to target its ads towards specific geographic locations, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections. And, if that’s not enough, Facebook offers ad targeting options through third-party data partners that can help you to better reach your audience through their offline behaviors.

We’ve seen many other social media platforms follow in Facebook’s footsteps with ad targeting, such as Instagram (makes sense based on Facebook being the parent company), Twitter, and more recently, LinkedIn.

2. You can get audience estimates as you build your campaign.

As you build your campaign and determine which parameters that you will use to target your audience, social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter give you the option to see how your estimated reach increases or decreases in real-time. Since paid social advertising does require a monetary investment, these audience estimates can be extremely beneficial to help you determine your exposure and how successful your campaign could be.

3. Paid social advertising does not require extensive keyword research.

When your goal is to drive prospective customers to your website the organic way, you’ll no doubt spend time and money on keyword research. However, because paid social advertising is shaped more by user demographics and interests, extensive keyword research is not always necessary. Instead, with paid social advertising, it’s more effective to think about what prospective customers want than just keywords.

4. Social advertising platforms are continuing to find innovative ways for businesses to reach their audiences.

Twitter recently announced that it will be offering emoji-based ad targeting, which means that businesses can now target audiences based on emojis that these prospective customers have used. For example, if someone included a pizza emoji in a tweet, he or she could now be served local ads for pizza. It’s pretty crazy how granular these social media platforms are getting with their options for ad targeting, and we can expect this to continue.

With so much hype about paid social advertising and the powerful results that it can deliver, it’s worth your while to explore your options. Please contact us to learn more about incorporating paid advertising into your social media marketing strategy.