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4 Proven Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Assuming that you’ve implemented your email marketing strategy well, you’ll find that it’s by far the most effective channel to reach your audience. However, with so much content coming into your customers’ mailboxes on a daily basis, it can be tough to stand out.

If you want to improve your email marketing strategy and get real results, make a point to incorporate these 4 highly effective tactics into your strategy:

1. Write like a human.

No one wants to read a stuffy email full of corporate lingo. The best email marketers know how to be very personable with their audience. They tell stories and ask questions. And they’re not boring.

Email marketing can provide you with an opportunity to humanize your brand and build real relationships with your customers. When you write like human verses a corporate robot, you’ll be much more successful in earning your audience’s attention.

2. Segment your email list.

With email marketing, it should be very rare that you would ever send out a one-size-fits-all email if you want to see results. With that being said, the more you can segment your email contacts, the more effective you’ll be with getting your recipients to open your emails and engage with the content.

If you want to get granular, it could be very beneficial to take a look at how your contacts are interacting with the content on your website and then segment your email list based on these findings. This will allow you to reach out with content that they’ve already expressed an interest in, which can be very effective in moving them through your sales cycle.

3. Optimize your emails for mobile viewing.

Did you know that more than 54 percent of all email is now opened on a mobile device? This is why it’s imperative that you optimize your emails for mobile viewing.

And while we’re at this point, be sure to optimize the landing pages on your website for mobile viewing as well, especially if you include a CTA in your emails that link your recipients to these landing pages.

4. Continuously build your email list.

Generally speaking, the more contacts you have on your email list, the more results you’ll get from this marketing channel. This, of course, assumes that you’re making a valiant effort to build a quality list of contacts and keeping it up-to-date. Include sign-up forms on your website and use social media to attract followers to subscribe to your email newsletter.

With email marketing, you have the potential to earn 4 times more conversions than with social media marketing. Please contact us at Danesc to learn more about how you can optimize this critical marketing channel and realize tangible results