4 Excellent LinkedIn Groups For Small Business Owners

linkedin groupsWith over 75 million subscribers in the United States alone, LinkedIn is easily the most important social media site in the world solely dedicated to business connections. In fact, it has over 200 million active members all around the world promoting each other’s personal growth and business development.

It is fairly obvious that the site has significant potential for developing inter-business relationships. Here is a quick rundown of 4 excellent LinkedIn groups we recommend you join and network in:

Executive Suite With 300 thousand members, this group is an extraordinary resource and opportunity for meeting the movers and shakers across the business spectrum.

Band of Entrepreneurs – A moderate sized group with  22,000 members, this group provides access to many budding entrepreneurs full of ideas and ones also willing to take a chance.

Social Media Marketing – Over one million members connected across a variety of media channels, this group is a powerful way to stay in touch with the latest social media marketing tools, tricks and tactics.

Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide This small group is the perfect place to network globally if you are a women-owned or led business, regardless of location.

For more information on how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your small business, contact us today!

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