4 Easy Ways to Gain More Facebook Fans

Facebook FansWith over 1.65 billion active users, Facebook offers an incredible opportunity for companies to “get their message out.” For better or worse, however, the very same users vie for “eyeballs” in this digital space. Here are four suggestions for rising above the crowd and increasing the number of Facebook fans who will regularly visit your site:

Create relevant posts – It is simply too easy for a bored visitor to click away to another Facebook page if yours does not deliver on its promise. Keep your posts timely, pertinent and to the point. Otherwise, you risk disenchanting visitors who will never be seen again.

Include interesting images – If it isn’t already obvious, understand that Internet users are visually oriented. Including relevant images along with any post is a great way to increase engagement of your visitors and, if chosen with care, can actually contain additional valuable information.

Leverage other social media – Facebook is the largest social media site around but it is not the only horse in the race. It pays to cross link and promote your Facebook posts with other social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Engage, engage, engage – Communication on Facebook is a two-way street. It cannot just be about your posts. Instead, you need to leave thoughtful comments about other people’s posts. Even if you don’t agree with their point, they will appreciate the time it took for you to make the comment.

For further tips and advice on how to build your Facebook fan base and other social media marketing issues, please contact us at Danesc. We would love to help your small business succeed on social media!

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