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3 Ways to Generate More Exposure on LinkedIn

social media marketingAlthough boasting less than a tenth the number of active users as Facebook – 106 million versus 1.5 billion – LinkedIn is still considered the premier business-oriented social media marketing site – and that was even before Microsoft announced its intention to acquire the company in mid-June 2016.

In short, visitors arrive ready, willing and able to conduct business and not to just chat. Here are a few suggestions on how to best take advantage of this fact:

Customize your public profile – When first joining, LinkedIn provides a new user with a URL that looks like the name of an obscure Scottish town – consonants and numbers but no vowels. Instead, customize your public profile with a more user-friendly – and memorable – name. It definitely helps folks to find you a second time.

Add a photo – How many times have you heard the phrase, “It is nice to finally place a face with the name” when physically meeting a business contact for the first time? LinkedIn operates in the same environment. By simply uploading a recent pick, people will be more naturally inclined to contact you for whatever reason.

Use the “Open Profile” option – In most cases, LinkedIn only allows users to contact to their first-degree connections – essentially useless for adding contacts. However, the “open profile” option – provided you are a premium member – allows you to cast a much wider net and contact anyone else who is also a premium member.

For further tips and advice on how to build your LinkedIn presence and other social media marketing issues, please contact us at Danesc. We would love to help you and your small business gain more exposure on LinkedIn! 

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