3 Reasons Your Small Business Is Losing Social Media Followers

Social Media The creation of the Internet has created a multitude of new marketing venues – including social media. While most marketers recognize the need for a website and blog, they often overlook the opportunities presented by the various social media sites. Here are a few tips on why you may be losing followers and not even know it:

  1. You are just not connecting – The use of social media is a dynamic process not a static one. You – or someone on your marketing team – must be actively involved in the communities. This means that someone must post regularly to your Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook accounts as well as interact with anyone who takes the time to post there.

Your information is out of date – In a similar vein, you must keep the information on your sites up to date. No new visitor will become a repeat one or e a follower if the information on your site is stale. In short, everyone craves the “latest and the greatest.” If you fail to provide it, you will be cast aside in favor of a site that does.

You are not adding value – The latest generations of Internet users demand instant gratification when it comes to a website. Failing to fulfill this obligation is the death knell for a site. New and relevant! information should be posted on a weekly, if not daily basis, to keep visitors engaged.

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