Reputation Management: 3 Key Ways To Protect Your Company’s Reputation

reputation managementMarketing, selling and then delivering a product is the life cycle of any business. Marketing and selling your goods are highly important, but don’t forget about the actual quality of your goods or services. Here are a few suggestions on what to do when it comes to business deliveries, and on how it can effect your company’s reputation:

Deliver as promised – Whether your company provides a product or a service, the end “goods” must arrive in the condition promised. This is not usually a problem, but occasionally a glitch can occur. In that case, we recommend you rectify as quickly as possible with the customer, even if it means losing money on the transaction. Losing out on a few dollars is a much better solution then dealing with a possible negative online review, which can scare off potential customers and tarnish your reputation.

Keep it on schedule – For products, the use of tracking software available from the USPS, FedEx and all other major delivery companies is a great way to keep your customers informed about the status of their package – and it doesn’t cost you anything! For services, a project timeline with waypoints is an excellent way to keep you on track and to reassure the client that the project is moving forward.

Always follow up – A short email questionnaire – no more than five questions – is an excellent way to follow up on a delivery. It shows concern that the customer received exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it. This is also the perfect time to offer a coupon or discount for their next purchase, and keep them in the lead cycle.

For further advice on improving the business delivery systems of your company and how it impacts its reputation, please contact us at Danesc. We specialize in reputation management for small businesses. 

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