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3 Key Ingredients to Earn More Comments On Blog Posts

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours writing a blog post and learning that it generates little to no engagement. No matter how well-written your content is, you won’t earn more comments on your blog posts if you don’t take into account these three crucial elements: traffic, engagement, and emotion.


Before you get ahead of yourself and start analyzing what went wrong with your blog post, you need to take website traffic into account. If your website receives little traffic, you can’t expect your blog posts to go viral. To get your blog posts seen in the first place, you need to focus on growing website traffic. Using a cross-channel, multi-format (social media marketing, email marketing, paid search, and more) will help to increase brand awareness and attract more traffic to your website.


In this context, engagement refers to the ability to command your reader’s attention in your blog post. The challenge is that 43 percent of people skim blog posts. If most of your readers are skimming your content, they’re not digesting the material and are less likely to leave a comment.

Considering that today’s consumers have increasingly short attention spans, the length of your content is a huge factor for how long you’ll be able to hold your readers’ attention. While there is a lot of discussion around the optimal length of a blog post, expert bloggers recommend keeping the length of posts short and sweet–no longer than 600 words. To earn more comments and engagement, the trick is to be able to convince people to keep reading your blog post in its entirety.


If you want your content to resonate with your readers, you need your blog posts to establish an emotional connection. In reality, most bloggers are so focused on trying to tell their brand’s story or pass along valuable information that they overlook emotion.

Find an article online that earned a lot of comments and read through them. You’ll find that most of these comments have provoked some sort of emotional response from the reader. Some of the comments may be inspiring and others are so brutally honest that they’re upsetting. The point is that the blog post made readers feel something to the point that they needed to write a comment to share their feedback. Tapping into the emotion factor is a proven way to help your blog posts earn more comments.

In summary, if you want to earn more comments and engagement with your blog content, you need to remember this magic formula:

traffic + engagement + emotion = more comments

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, you’re not going to get the results that you want from your business blog if you don’t have any website traffic.

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