2019 Instagram Marketing Trends

2019 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

With its native approach to advertising, Instagram gives businesses a unique opportunity to engage followers and start a conversation without making a traditional sales pitch. As a result, Instagram provides marketers with a better-than-average return on investment. If you want to capitalize on this social media platform in the coming year, you need to be aware of the projected 2019 Instagram marketing trends.

Most Anticipated 2019 Instagram Marketing Trends

Businesses are attracted to Instagram as it generates more engagement than other social media platforms, including 23 percent more engagement than Facebook. To help you maximize your presence on this social media network in the coming year, here are the most anticipated 2019 Instagram marketing trends:

1. IGTV will be a key player.

Instagram announced the launch of IGTV back in June, which is the social media platform’s long-form video sharing device that allows businesses to share video content up to one hour in length (previously, Instagram videos were limited to 30 seconds in length). Marketers can take advantage of this new tool by downloading the IGTV app and creating a channel. The idea behind IGTV is that it will one day rival traditional TV. Since the number of consumers that are using their mobile devices to digest content will continue to rise in 2019, embracing IGTV will help to get your business in front of this audience.

2. Micro-Brands will dominate Instagram marketing.

You don’t have to be a big brand to be able to excel with Instagram marketing. In fact, it’s predicted that micro-brands will experience the most success using Instagram in 2019. Brands that know how to tell their story in a way that engages their audience will do particularly well on Instagram.

3. More businesses will run Instagram Stories ads.

Instagram Stories rolled out in 2016 in an effort to compete with Snapchat. Now that Instagram users are more familiar with this feature that includes all of the day’s posts for users, we can expect to see more brands run Instagram Stories ads. The valuable real estate that Instagram Stories offers also is a smart placement for running retargeting ads.

4. More businesses will create shoppable posts.

More brands will use Instagram in 2019 to create an e-commerce solution from one simple button. Instagram allows brands to create shoppable posts for both single-static images and Instagram Stories. When consumers tap the “shop now” button on shoppable posts, they will be directed to the seller’s website so they can make a purchase. Considering how well shoppable posts perform for brands, we can expect to see Instagram offer even more developments in this area in 2019.

Social media needs to be part of your digital marketing strategy to succeed in 2019, and Instagram is a social network that will help you to earn engagement.

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