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Email Marketing Tactics

Issues Hindering Your Email Newsletter Performance

Are you using email to deliver value-added content to your audience and drive conversions? If you think email marketing is on the path to extinction, you couldn’t be more wrong. Considering that most online consumers have an email address and check it daily, sending an email newsletter is a powerful way to reach your audience. […]

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evergreen content danesc rep 24/7

Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Business Blog

The most successful business blogs offer a mix of newsworthy time-sensitive content and evergreen content. The term “evergreen content” refers to relevant content that’s not dated and lasts for years. Even if you didn’t intentionally do so, there’s a good chance that you’ve already published evergreen articles on your blog. Having this long-lasting content on […]

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3 Simple Facebook Advertising Tips to Optimize for Conversions

Facebook is by far the most widely-used social media platform with 68 percent of online American consumers on Facebook. As of 2017, Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users. With these statistics, Facebook advertising presents marketers with a tremendous opportunity to reach their audience and raise brand awareness. New Facebook advertising features make it even […]

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Use Google Posts to Earn More Traffic

Google accounts for nearly 80 percent of the search market share. To manage your online presence and help users find your business online, you need to create a free Google My Business account. Google Posts is one of the newest features available to Google My Business accounts and makes it easy to create, share, and […]

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How Featured Snippets Boost Your Search Strategy

Google regularly makes updates to its search algorithm to deliver the most relevant results to users. If you’ve noticed, Google is moving past displaying its top 10 blue links and is now offering featured snippets in search results. What are featured snippets? When looking at a Google SERP, you’ll see featured snippets displayed at the […]

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pillar page

Create a Pillar Page to Earn More Website Traffic

The way that consumers are performing searches online is changing. Did you know that 20 percent of Google searches are now performed using voice search? Google and other search engines are updating their algorithms to accommodate the longer, more conversational search queries. To better appeal to consumers and search engines alike, your business needs to […]

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What the Most Successful Bloggers Do Differently

It’s easy to become frustrated when you spend a lot of time creating blog content but generate little to no results from your efforts. What separates your business blog from the other blogs on the internet that consistently have posts that go viral? What are the most successful bloggers doing differently to create compelling content? […]

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danesc email marketing

How to Increase Conversions with Employee Email Signatures

Regardless of what you hear, email is still the workhorse of digital marketing. More than 90 percent of online adults use email, which makes email marketing a powerful way to reach your audience. You would be hard-pressed to find another marketing channel that is as effective as email. However, many businesses fail to take full […]

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Online Reputation

Do You Have Control of Your Online Reputation?

Do you know what people are saying about your brand on social media? Have you taken the time to Google your business recently? Are you proactively responding to online reviews? Managing your company’s online reputation is no easy task. However, when you’re living in a world where people judge your business on how it appears […]

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