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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Really Think About Your Content Marketing

Surely by now we’ve all heard that content is king, meaning that the more content you create, the better your website will rank in search results. However, with so much pressure to create fresh content on a consistent basis, some businesses end up creating content just for the sake of creating content. They’re not really […]

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4 Proven Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Assuming that you’ve implemented your email marketing strategy well, you’ll find that it’s by far the most effective channel to reach your audience. However, with so much content coming into your customers’ mailboxes on a daily basis, it can be tough to stand out. If you want to improve your email marketing strategy and get […]

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Scannable Content

Scannable Content: Why You Need It and How to Write It

Scannable Content: Why You Need It and How to Write It We live in a world where the average consumer attention span is shorter than a goldfish. For marketers, this means the content you create needs to be not only compelling but also easy for readers to digest. The typical online consumer isn’t reading articles […]

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Instagram captions

Instagram Captions Boost Search Strategy

  Instagram Captions That Boost Your Search Strategy Instagram has quickly become one of the most powerful ways to create awareness for your brand. While this popular photo and video-sharing social networking site are all about the visuals, the  Instagram captions that you assign to each post is what gives your imagery a voice. If […]

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How to Use Pokémon Go to Generate More Business

Are you using Pokemon Go? In case you haven’t heard, Pokémon Go is all the rage. If you see a group of people huddled around their phones, there’s an excellent chance that they’re playing this location-based augmented reality game and are in an intense hunt for Pokémon. Within just one month of the game’s rollout […]

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5 Simple Steps for Creating Compelling Blog Content

Steps for Creating Compelling Blog Content With so much blog content to compete with on the internet, you can’t afford to write mediocre blog posts. Fortunately, there’s an easy formula for creating compelling blog content with every post that you write. We’ll spell out this fool-proof formula for you below using 5 simple steps: Step […]

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3 Convincing Reasons Why Your Company’s Reputation Is Everything

 Your Company’s Reputation Is Everything   With so much business conducted online, your company reputation is everything. We know you’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into building your company’s reputation. Some of you maintain a business blog to consistently deliver value to your audience and understand that most people trust online reviews just […]

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Reputation Management

Is Paid Advertising Now a Necessity to Reach Your Facebook Audience?

Are your Facebook posts not earning the same levels of engagement that they used to? If so, you’re not alone.Facebook continues to regularly make updates to the algorithm that it uses to rank content in your newsfeed, which tends to give preference to posts from personal Facebook pages over business Facebook pages. In fact, it’s […]

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