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4 Easy Ways to Gain More Facebook Fans

With over 1.65 billion active users, Facebook offers an incredible opportunity for companies to “get their message out.” For better or worse, however, the very same users vie for “eyeballs” in this digital space. Here are four suggestions for rising above the crowd and increasing the number of Facebook fans who will regularly visit your site: […]

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4 Excellent LinkedIn Groups For Small Business Owners

With over 75 million subscribers in the United States alone, LinkedIn is easily the most important social media site in the world solely dedicated to business connections. In fact, it has over 200 million active members all around the world promoting each other’s personal growth and business development. It is fairly obvious that the site […]

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Facebook Advertising Gets A Serious Upgrade

Facebook recently announced a significant change to their ad campaign structure. The new structure is specifically designed to help businesses easily organize, measure and optimize their marketing efforts on Facebook. Not surprisingly, it is also designed to maximize the revenue that Facebook will collect. It is not a huge deal if you understand the differences […]

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Why You Can’t Afford To Market Your Business Online On Your Own

The average small business owner has multiple, daily responsibilities required to run a successful enterprise. These distractions make it hard for an owner or manager to concentrate on their core responsibilities much less the subsidiary – but still important! – ones like online marketing. With those thoughts in mind, here are three reasons why you […]

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5 Simple Ways to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

A successful content marketing strategy takes some serious time and effort to create and implements properly. Here are a few tips on creating one for your small business! 1. Tell the company story – You can’t tell the story of your company and its products too many times. It may only get read once, but that’s enough for […]

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5 Tips For Creating An Epic Website For Your Small Business

The time has long since passed where companies refused to recognize the necessity of a website for their small business. Still, many get by with substandard ones that do not really engage their visitors and potential customers. Here are five tips for creating an epic website for your small business: 1. Integrate current branding elements […]

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