My girlfriend vs. Starting a new company

My girlfriend is always complaining about how little time we spend together… how can she not understand that I’m working very hard to getting this company off the ground? It’s not like I’m partying and going out with my friends without her… If you’ve ever started a company or you’ve been in a serious relationship you should know what the word “commitment” means. To become successful in life you need to commit to whatever that is you want to become successful at.

When you are in a relationship and you want to start a company, be honest to yourself, but most importantly, to your loved one. I made the mistake of thinking about myself and my company for many years. I worked non-stop around the clock, averaging 18 hour days, seven days a week. Myself being a workaholic and having OCD my entire life, it is easy to loose track of time and work non-stop…. seeing my product take shape and users using it was even more fuel being added to keep the adrenaline going… and working harder and harder every time.

This entire time I thought I was being successful, but in reality I was failing. What was fueling my body and keeping me going ended up being what was also slowing me down and killing me. I had forgotten about my girlfriend, my best friend. I was able to work so many hours but I had forgotten there are only so many hours in a day…. so how was the house being cleaned? How was food being made? How were chores getting done? How were the dogs being walked? How come I was feeling loved but yet I was not giving any love back? How was the infrastructure of the relationship being sustained? The answer is simple, her.

Life is not about “commitment”, it’s about finding a balance among the things you want to be “committed” to. I’m one lucky guy that I was able to be in a relationship with an amazing and beautiful woman that supported me but also cared enough to eventually talk to me and make me realize that a relationship will never work unless both people are committed to it. Having realized that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I still work more hours than the average person, but I now appreciate her and focus on quality time every day of the week.

Be honest to yourself, your loved one, and people that surround you. Work to improve your life and have a realistic goal in mind. I can now say that I was able to accomplish two of the hardest things in life at the same time, but it was not done alone. Nothing amazing is ever done alone, there will always be people around you that will influence you and keep you motivated enough to continue going…. so don’t forget about them, it’s an easy thing to do.


Written by Daniel D. Escobar

I’m an entrepreneur at heart working within the IT industry since 1996. You can follow me on Twitter ( or view my resume on LinkedIn (